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  • Uniquely Designed

    For the Urban Explorer with an Ecological Consciousness

    Style first, Ecology first.

    High-quality Sustainable Fashion

    Designed for urbanists looking for style and comfort who take care of our planet.

    For Everyone.

    Fair prices

    Sustainable fashion must no longer be reserved for a minority.

  • Waterless Jeans.

    We love jeans but we love our planet even more ;)


    Organic Content Standard Label

    Our jeans are made with exclusive organic cotton.


    Only with Laser Technology

    We use much (much) less water to wash our jeans. We save several millions of liters by year.

    Our Factories

    Saves Water & Take care of people

    We made big investments to build a new generation of factories which have a very positive impact on the planet and on the health of workers.

  • Our Cuts.

    Sustainable clothes ? YES but with style. 

    Women jeans cuts

    Men jeans cuts


    Light & heavy down jackets, basic & high-fashion parkas, rain jackets.

    Sustainable, of course.

    No longer be limited.

  • Outerwear collection

    made with love & recycled polyester from oceans.



    14 designs

    10 designs

    7 colors

    5 colors

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